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Appin conducts Personality Development and Communication class for its students at free of cost. Few of the general tips of Personality Development are:


Casual dressing once you have entered professional circles is not acceptable. Most corporates have a prescribed dress code which lists out the dos and don'ts of office wear.

Modest dresses, limited jewellery, muted make up and comfortable shoes are usually prescribed for women.

For both men and women, hair should be well groomed and kept to manageable length.

Walk talk and keep a pleasant expression on your face at all times. When introduced to people, greet them with confidence and a pleasant smile. A firm handshake makes a great first impression. Pleasing voice and cheerful disposition are other traits of good personality that can be attained through focused training and practice.

Formal shirts and trousers in sober colours, jewellery limited to a dress watch, polished shoes, sober socks and tie complete the ensemble for men.


Most successful individuals are confident speakers. Good communication skills can be learnt by watching leaders in their interactions with others.

Cultivate listening skills and ask open ended questions in order to get responses from people. Broaden your reading habits so you have ready topics for conversation. While conversing in professional circles, remember to maintain a personal distance and to be discreet.

Avoid gossip and malingering as loose talk always has a way of coming back to its source. Even while disagreeing with anyone, remember to be courteous.

For example, in a team discussion, if you want to reject the idea suggested by someone, it is better to say why it will not work, with reasoning, instead of summarily rejecting it as useless.


Self-confidence stems from a positive self-image. Reading books on personality development and putting the tips into practice can be a starting point. Attend seminars or training programs in personality development.

Avoid negativity in thoughts and give yourself credit for every achievement, no matter how small.

Spend some time in introspection every day to review your goals and progress. Make it a daily habit, it's important.


Spend some time in the company of people with a different set of interests. You gain immensely from their experiences and outlook on life. Read informative books and articles to broaden your knowledge that can boost your self confidence tremendously.

Update your skill set continuously. Try doing something new every day. Volunteering and getting involved in activities of your community can open the doors to new learning experiences. A gamut of social interactions can serve as a big leap forward in your path to personality development.