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Though it is tough to enter into highly-competitive Job market, we help you to redefine your skills to fit perfectly.

  • How will you stand out from other candidates?
  • Are you prepared to prove yourself in job interviews?
  • What can you expect during the interview process?
  • Does your resume represent you in the best possible way?
  • How will you choose among the many career paths and options?

At Appin Coimbatore, we work closely with new graduates and soon-to-be graduates to help them shine in their dream careers.

A big part of this is to How to Clear Interviews and get a Job whether it is a Campus Interview, Off Campus or any other mode of Interview. We can also guide you developing a long-term career plan.


Interview Coaching Program is for those who want to do everything they can to be prepared for their upcoming job interviews — and are motivated to do everything they can to smoke the competition.

This popular program consists of 4 sessions.


One-One Meeting
Goal Setting
Customize practice interview based on your resume, target job description(s), and career objectives.
Candid Assessment of how you performed in Practice Interview - including what's working and what needs work. We will also offer guidance on how to perfect your answers and your approach.
We will assign homework between sessions. Typical homework assignments may include:

  • Developing or refining interview stories to help you shine in behavioral interviews
  • Tell me about yourself
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Improving your resume or cover letter template
  • Optimizing your networking and/or job search approach for better results

After the session, you will also get a digital video recording of your practice interview and feedback.


In Session 2, we will review your homework assignments and any assessment results and discusses your progress since the last session. We will focus on:

  • Preparing the right Resume for you
  • Preparing the Cover letter
  • Email writing
  • Telephone answering
  • Preparing Group Discussion
  • Linked-In Profile
  • Leadership


We will work with you to choose the right interview stories, refine and polish them, and then practice delivering them.
Appin and you will strategize on approaches to difficult questions and tricky topics.
Depending on your situation, you may also work on strategies for identifying more job leads, making the most out of networking opportunities, researching companies and industries, following up on opportunities, etc.
Practice Interview - we want you to make your mistakes in the sessions and not in your actual interviews.


In your last session, we will conduct a formal, in-depth practice interview for you. We will carefully evaluate your answers, your presentation, your body language, and every other element of your interview approach. Here's where we see if you are ready to land your dream job.
We will then work together on any final issues and work on your plan to move forward.
You will get the digital video recording of your final practice interview you can see the dramatic difference between your Session 1 performance and your Session 4 advanced interviewing skills.